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  • Phil Dellio and Scott Woods count down their ten favourite songs of the '00s on CKLN 88.1. A technnically-challenged radio broadcast in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2.

  • David Cooper Moore, proprietor of Cure For Bedbugs and Cr4Bdbgs, chats with Scott Woods about '00s teenpop, including the great Paris Hilton debates of 2006, plus his personal journey from Arcade Fire to Ashlee Simpson.
    Download: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4. (December 2009)

  • contributing editor, Steven Ward, talks with Scott Woods about some of his all-time favourite music books (incl. titles by Timothy White, Chuck Eddy, and Stephen Davis). Download PART 1 and PART 2. (November 2009)

  • Bob Dobbs, paramedia ecologist, McLuhan archivist, and translator of Finnegans Wake reads rock criticism aloud like it's never been read before to a sometimes befuddled Scott Woods. A continuing series of probes on Meltzer, McLuhan, Bangs, Joyce, et al. (See The Dobbs Files for links to each episode.)

  • Tim Riley, author of Tell Me Why: The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, the Sixties and After, runs down the list of his all-time favourite Beatles books, providing commentary on more than a dozen titles. Interview by Scott Woods. Download here. (November 2008) (cf. Tim Riley's blog)

  • On the eve of the 2008 U.S. election, Phil Dellio invites Scott Woods to his Sunday morning radio show on CKLN (88.1 FM in Toronto) to talk Barack, Palin, Joe the Plumber, and all the campaign nuttiness they can cram into 90 minutes. A radio show in three parts: download part one, two, three, and four. (November 2008)

  • Chuck Eddy, author of Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe, chats with Scott Woods about some of his favourite record guides, from rock tomes by Christgau, Marcus, and Marsh to relative obscurities like Tony Jasper & Derek Oliver's The International Encyclopedia of Hard Rockand Heavy Metal. An interview in three parts: download part one, two, and three. (October 2008) (cf. Chuckipedia)

  • Chris Buck and Scott Woods share thoughts on the strange and inescapable allure of Richard Nixon, highlighted by a mix of Nixon-oriented pop tunes. Download here. (April 2006) (cf. Chris Buck's website)

  • Phil Dellio talks to Scott Woods about a lifetime spent collecting records. An adjunct to Phil's excellent Records feature from his home page. Download here. (February 2006)

  • Steven Rubio enlightens Scott Woods about blogging and reality, and where and how the two collide, with time out for thoughts on Greil Marcus, Pauline Kael, Milton Berle, and others. Download here. (January 2006) (cf. Steven Rubio's Online Life)

    YouTube Pontifications

  • Lester Bangs vs. Pauline Kael (View)
  • Lester Bangs, killed by technology. Recorded using only the finest Dobly systems. (View)
  • Lester Bangs on late night radio, talking about musical "miscegenation." (View)
  • Bangs tears into Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music in '70s documentary, "All You Need is Love." (View)
  • More Bangs clips from All You Need is Love. (View)
  • Lillian Roxon, author of The Rock Encyclopedia, interviewed in 1973. (View)
  • Mark Kemp on Dixie Lullaby: A Story of Music, Race and New Beginnings in a New South. (View part one, two, and three)
  • Greil Marcus discusses his book, The Shape of Things to Come (View)
  • Greil Marcus provides commentary in a 1989 documentary on the Situationists. (View)
  • Dave Marsh on "Later with Bob Costas," circa 1989, discusssing Springsteen, Orbison, Costello, and more. (View part one, two, and three.)
  • Ben Fong-Torres on "SF Live" (View part one & two)
  • Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner talks to Charlie Rose about Annie Leibovtiz. (View)
  • Joy Press & Simon Reynolds talk candidly about parenting in New York City. (View)
  • Rock N Roll Mamas - Interview with Ann Powers. (View)
  • New Yorker writer Alex Ross discusses his book, The Rest Is Noise. (View)
  • Brief interview with Carl Wilson, author of Let's Talk About Love. (View)
  • John Fašade's "Fant˘che" features backfrop images from Cohn & Peellaert's essential Rock Dreams. (View)
  • VOM, 'I'm in Love with Your Mom"/"Too Animalistic" featuring Richard Meltzer. (View)
  • Brian Linehan talks with Pauline Kael about movies. (View part one, two, three, four)
  • Quotes on the Auteur Theory, featuring Kael, Peter Bogdanovich, John Frankenheimer, et al. (View part one & two)

    Additional Audio Links

  • Greil Marcus on KCRW, chatting with Michael Silverblatt about Lipstick Traces.
  • Greil Marcus on CBC Radio, re: Lipstick Traces, from 1992.
  • Robert Christgau regularly provides commentary on NPR's "All Songs Considered."
  • Sasha Frere-Jones talks about how Auto-Tune has become a pop-music phenomenon.
  • Carl Wilson on mp3s and the Sound of (Pop) Music.
  • Circles and Squares: Pauline Kael delivering a talk at San Fernando Valley State College in 1963.
  • Kael on Pacifica Radio, 1963. (via If Charlier Parker Was a Gunslinger...)
  • Kael, Dwight MacDonald, and John Simon in a 1963 roundtable. (via If Charlier Parker Was a Gunslinger...)
  • Kael in 1968 discusses the history of filmmaking on Pacifica Radio.
  • David Kurtz interviews Andrew Sarris.

    Much, much more to come...