Alfred Soto (Humanizing the Vacuum) and Scott Woods ( -- Roxy Music addicts to the core -- discuss and evaluate every Roxy and Bryan Ferry album ever released, from 1972's Roxy Music to 2008's Dylanesque. Hours worth of indulgent fun for the entire family.

Conversations downloadable in MP3 format.

Roxy Music

EPISODE #1: Alfred on his discovery of Roxy [16 minutes]

EPISODE #2: 1972's Roxy Music [27 minutes]

EPISODE #3: 1973's For Your Pleasure [20 minutes]

EPISODE #4: 1973's These Foolish Things [30 minutes]

EPISODE #5: 1973's Stranded [33 minutes]


EPISODE #6: 1974's Another Time, Another Place and Country Life [33 minutes]

EPISODE #7: 1975's Siren [37 minutes]

EPISODE #8: 1976's Let's Stick Together and 1977's In Your Mind [16 minutes]

EPISODE #9: 1978's The Bride Stripped Bare [39 minutes]

EPISODE #10: 1979's Manifesto [41 minutes]

EPISODE #11: 1980's Flesh and Blood [35 minutes]

EPISODE #12: 1982's Avalon [29 minutes]

EPISODE #13: Part 1 of Ferry circa 1985-1994 (Boys and Girls, BÍte Noire, Taxi, Mamouna) + Alfred on "sophisto-pop" [40 minutes]

EPISODE #14: Part 2 of Ferry circa 1985-1994 [36 minutes]

EPISODE #15: Ferry 1999 - 2008 [46 minutes]

EPISODE #16, Part 1 and Part 2: Soto & Woods wrap it up with some final comments, including Alfred's review of David Buckley's The Thrill of it All and Much Ado About Bowie [34 + 28 minutes]

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  • Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall"
  • RM, "Editions of You" ca. 1972
  • "Mother of Pearl" live x 2: a tuxed-up vamp from 1974 and a funked-out stomp from 1976
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    Top Tens

    Roxy Music
    1. Re-Make/Re-Model
    2. Just Another High
    3. Same Old Scene
    4. All I Want is You
    5. Mother of Pearl
    6. Serenade
    7. More Than This
    8. Editions of You
    9. Over You
    10. Out of the Blue

    Bryan Ferry
    1. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
    2. Sign of the Times
    3. Help Me
    4. The "In" Crowd
    5. Don't Stop The Dance
    6. Don't Worry Baby
    7. The Name of the Game/Kiss & Tell
    8. The Price of Love
    9. All Tomorrow's Parties
    10. Can't Let Go

    Roxy Music
    1. Mother of Pearl
    2. Editions of You
    3. Both Ends Burning
    4. More Than This
    5. Sentimental Fool
    6. 2HB
    7. Re-Make/Re-Model
    8. Prairie Rose
    9. Just Like You
    10. Nightingale

    Bryan Ferry
    1. Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall
    2. Let's Stick Together
    3. These Foolish Things
    4. Sign of the Times
    5. Another Time Another Place
    6. What a Wonderful World
    7. It's My Party
    8. Can't Let Go
    9. I Put a Spell on You
    10. Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever