Classical Critics Survey

Some related links on classical criticism and/or classical music

  • Classical music: Why bother? A composer and Harvard professor wonders whether his craft has been left behind by a world with no patience for Great Art. (From 'Salon.')
  • Classical Music R.I.P.? A back and forth "e-mail duel" between Sarah Vowell and Paul Festa in Salon.
  • Mozart Again?!!? The tricky art of making the classical music canon sound new. By Adam Baer in 'Slate.'
  • A Comeback for Classical Mus--Oops, never mind. By Jim Kahn in 'Slate.'
  • Is Classical Music Dying? Journalism in a Minor Key, by Jack Miles & Douglas McLennan in '' (Invaluable piece for links related to this theme.)
  • The Art of Critics and Criticism? A Seen and Heard editorial. Sample: "A major re-evaluation of music criticism is required if the genre is to reclaim any of the prestige it once held. This calls for a critical re-examination on behalf of critics themselves, of the arts organisations which allow them to practice their profession, and of the readers and musicians who are the consumers of what we write."
  • Death Wish: Creative Music's Demise-Suicide or Homicide? And Does It Matter? By Kyle Gann in the 'Voice.'
  • Classical music leaves young cold. ("Classical music in Britain is in danger of alienating an entire generation of young fans who are put off by the formality, stuffiness and 'white, affluent' atmosphere of concert settings, a report warned yesterday...") By Angelique Chrisafis in the 'Guardian.'
  • What is the Comparison of Rock vs. Classical Music on the Growth of Florida Broadleaf Mustard Plants? By Sonia R. (An abstract.)