2005 Movie Survey
Featuring Brian Abrams, Aaron Aradillas, and Phil Dellio

Last year, hosted an informal chat between Brian Abrams, Aaron Aradillas, and Phil Dellio about movies in 2004. This year, the same writers respond to a questionnaire, running down their lists of personal favourites and disappointments of 2005.

The Squid and the Whale      March of the Penguins

The Aristocrats      Last Days

1) Personal moviegoing info about the respondents

2) Favourite movies of 2005

3) Least favourite movies of 2005

4) Favourite performances in 2005

5) Best uses of music in the movies in 2005

6) Favourite movie trailers of 2005

7) Comparing the movie roster of 2005 with that of 2004

8) Favourite older movie discoveries of 2005

9) Favourite movie critics of 2005

10) Movies and politics (thoughts on a broad topic)

11) Responses to the Village Voice Film Critics Poll

12) Respondents match their tastes to the most popular movies of 2005

13) Some final thoughts on the year in movies