Year-End Movie Survey, Question 11

In "Take 7," the 7th annual film critics poll conducted by the Village Voice, the Top 10 movies of the year, as chosen by 103 movie critics are:

1. A History of Violence
2. 2046
3. Kings and Queen
4. Grizzly Man
5. The World
6. Tropical Malady
7. The Squid and the Whale
8. Cachť (Hidden)
9. The Holy Girl
10. Last Days

How many of these movies did you see? How do your own tastes match up overall to the critics? Also, feel free to say anything you care to about the poll itself.

I have seen six of these (two I couldn't finish), and the only one I cared for barely squeezed on the list. Maybe thatís because Last Days was the most mainstream of these obscure titles, which I know J. Hobermann (the Voice's chief critic) has a proclivity to reject. But Iíll say this much: Iíd rather take a chance and give these ten a shot rather than sit through (in some cases, for the second time) the top ten films ranked by Box Office Mojo (see next question).

After rattling on here for 3500 words, right now I think I'd rather zone out to a rerun of Diff'rent Strokes...

I saw #1, #7, and #10, and I very much want to see Grizzly Man. Truthfully, I'm drawing a blank on #3, #5, #6, and #8. Some years my favourites do very well in the Voice poll--The Straight Story, Lost in Translation, Ghost World--other years they've had #1s (Far from Heaven, A History of Violence) that baffle me. With A History of Violence and Last Days bookending this year's Top 10, a lot of films I don't know on there, and only one from my own list, I don't feel much kinship with the poll this year.