Year-End Movie Survey, Question 12

As of December 27, the following ten movies were ranked by Box Office Mojo as the most popular movies of the year:

1. Star Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the Sith
2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
3. War of the Worlds
4. Wedding Crashers
5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
6. Batman Begins
7. Madagascar
8. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
9. Hitch
10. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

How many of these movies did you see? How do your own tastes match up overall to other moviegoers? (Feel free to answer this question bearing in mind other more recent blockbusters such as King Kong.)

I saw #3, #4, and #6, plus King Kong over the holidays. (My answer to this question, therefore, is virtually identical to my previous answer. I've decided I'm the ultimate middlebrow.) That's about normal for me; there are four or five films a year where my own interests intersect with the box-office leaders. I'm pretty sure I don't go or not-go to a film based on whether or not it's expected to make a lot of money, and there are sometimes cases (I think Sideways would have been one) where you see what starts out as a relatively small film, and then it starts making money when it gets nominated for and/or wins some awards.