Music Blogger Symposium

8. What would you like to see more of in the world of music blogs?

Maura Johnston
More digging into the archives for reasons that aren't just "funny," more stretching the boundaries of genre, less straight-up reposting of e-mails from promo companies and PR people. And more blogs about metal and country!

Simon Reynolds
More interblog communication. Both genial pass-the-baton type discussion and the "battle"/blog-clash kind.

Also--and this may seem odd--but I could do with less informative/information-heavy/detail-oriented writing, and more that aims for truth or epiphany, for Big Ideas; blogging that makes connections rather than points out minutiae.

David Moore
Rational conversation with less exclusionary insider talk and fewer nudges; serious (not the same as "humorless") attempts at engaging with good arguments and new ideas while allowing for taste differences (but also a general willingness to challenge taste differences on grounds other than merely visceral disagreement); writers not worried about getting their hair a little mussed with anthropology since they're often doing it anyway; more Ashlee Simpson on Ashlee Simpson's terms. I think the blog networks have as much to learn from academia--about self-preservation, how to fund your operations, how to build an interdisciplinary community centered on a common interest--as academia has to learn from blogs (how to get the stick out of your butt; how to say something sucks or is totally awesome and analyze from there without feeling weird about it).

Carl Wilson
More in-depth everything, more genuinely personal writing (not ego-centric jokey personal writing but introspective, exploratory, nervy reflections), more experimentation with how prose can be changed by the electronic form (I don't have the programming chops for this myself, but I'm thinking of the sort of multi-screen, hyperlink-playful containers Lalitree and John Darnielle used to invent for John's writing on Last Plane to Jakarta before the Mountain Goats got biggish and he made the site simpler), and, somehow, a renaissance in interblog dialogue, analysis and polemic. Oh, and more porn.

Rich Juzwiak
Humor. Sex. Outlandishness. Ideas shooting out like a spray of bullets. I want music blogs to read like Russ Meyer movies play.

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