Music Blogger Symposium

10. Anything else you care to add?

Simon Reynolds
Going back to the MC-ing analogy, a big part of blogging is, let's face it, showing off. You have a thought you think is interesting, a turn of phrase you're pleased with, or it might just be that you've got a record that you think no one else is hip to. There's a large element of self-preening. But there's also a more noble side to blogging that is literally altruistic in the sense of being Other-oriented: it's about making a connection. I've received so many fantastic communications from people in response to my blogging, really thoughtful and beautifully written e-mails from people who are complete strangers, sharing their stories with me, often with really unusual perspectives. Some have blogs but surprisingly few do. And I often wonder to myself why they don't start their own blogs, go public with their knowledge and passion. But perhaps they just don't have the show-off impulse. And that's fine. A certain element of ego and exhibitionism comes with the territory. Although in real life bloggers tend to be unassuming types, as opposed to the ranters and know-it-alls they are in their blogs. There's something of a disconnect there.

David Moore
My five-disc teenpop megamix, full of post-2000 teenpop (organized into thematic categories), is still available 4 FREE, get 'em while they last. Wave of the future: MP3 album dumpsites with thousands upon thousands of words worth of analysis thrown in!

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