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Chris Buck moved to New York in 1990 to pursue his photography career and get more personal time with Sonic Youth. He now divides his time between New York and Los Angeles, where he recently began keeping an apartment.

His clients include Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, The Wire, The New York Times Magazine, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Hewlett Packard. His work also appears in the photo annuals Communication Arts, American Photography and Photo District News. You can find his photography on-line at

Chris met up with Dave Rave and his Mum for Christmas (2001) in Newtonmore, Scotland. If you make it by there try him at their Tuck 'n' Tea Shop, or by the pub--but don't try to get him go for a hike on the moors, it's just not going to happen.

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Phil Dellio:
I teach grade 6 at Huttonville P.S., just outside of Brampton, where I spend my days trying to indoctrinate my students to like exactly the same films, music, and writers that I do. Now and again we take time out for math and science and all that other stuff.

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Who the $#@% is Howard Druckman? The answer is right here.

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Maggie Helwig has published ten books of poetry, essays and fiction--two of which, Apocalypse Jazz and Gravity Lets You Down, contain material originally commissioned for or published in Nerve. Her most recent books are a novel, Where She Was Standing, and a collection of new and selected poems, One Building In The Earth, both published by ECW Press, and a book of essays, Real Bodies, published by Oberon Press. She has also worked for a variety of human rights and anti-war groups and has been arrested at numerous demonstrations. She lived in London, England from 1993 to 1996, but is now back in Toronto. From 1998 until this year she was the co-coordinator of the Toronto Small Press Fair.

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Helen Lee is an independent filmmaker. Her films include Sally's Beauty Spot, My Niagara, Prey, Subrosa, and The Art of Woo. Recent music faves include Mercury Rev, Cat Power, Do Make Say Think. She lives in Toronto.

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Rick McGinnis has a day job as a photo editor at a local transit daily, and a steady gig reviewing movies and DVDs. He still works occasionally as a photographer and freelance writer. He is married. He's amazed at how skinny he was back then.

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Tim Powis:
Just to clear it up (see the Pussy Galore interview excerpt in NerveSpeak), for a couple of years (1986-88) during the Nerve era, I worked as a copy-writer at a very small public relations company called Communica Ltd., which was based in a nice old house on an otherwise seedy stretch of Dundas St. East, in Toronto. Since then, my career has been a textbook example of Aimless Lateral Mobility. Between periods in which I struggled along as nothing but a freelance writer (Maclean's, Graffiti, etc.) I worked for a year as Shareholder Relations Manager (I think that was my title) at a small mining-exploration company called Acadia Mineral Ventures, which had some gold prospects in Nova Scotia. My most humiliating moment at that job was the time I was assigned to talk up the company to a broker in Montreal; the broker quickly and casually pelted me with some pointed questions about price-earnings ratios (or something like that) which I was woefully unqualified to answer. All I could do was shrug stupidly and leave his office with my tail between my legs.

In 1990, I was hired by the guy who ran Music Express magazine to edit a newly commissioned freebee mag to be distributed exclusively at HMV stores, which were then new to Canada. The HMV people, who fancied themselves as very hip, got really pissed off when we put Hammer on the cover of one issue. (It wasn't my idea, honest.) Shortly after that, not long before HMV Magazine bit the dust, I was reassigned as an associate editor of Music Express. In early '93 Music Express hit the skids, soon to become defunct, and I was laid off. Almost immediately I went to work as a story editor/segment producer at Fashion Television. I also began writing regularly about music (mostly jazz) for the Toronto paper Eye Weekly. In the fall of 1999, I moved from Fashion Television to Bravo, which is in the same building and part of the same media empire as FT. I'm an associate producer at the show "Arts & Minds," which does profiles of artists, writers, musicians and other creative types.

I still do freelance writing, though I was dormant on that front through most (OK, all) of 2002. The last article of note I had published was in August, 2001--a piece for The National Post on the 25th anniversary of punk rock. (For that one I spoke to, among other people, former Viletone Steve Leckie, Punk magazine co-founder Legs McNeill, and Robert "The Dean" Christgau; I tracked down Greil Marcus, but he wanted nothing to do with an article on the 25th anniversary of anything.) I am married to a lovely woman named Nora, whom I met while freelancing at Maclean's. She worked full-time at Maclean's for about 12 years but is now a very hard-working freelance writer who makes all my patches of subsistence freelancing look laughable. We have three children. Oh yeah, I was in Vinyl, Alan Zweig's documentary about obsessive record collectors (as were fellow Nerve alumni Phil Dellio and Rick McGinnis). I'm the guy near the beginning with 65 James Brown records.

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Scott Woods is the Editor of He works full-time in an office in downtown Toronto and DJs weddings on the side. He did not DJ his own wedding last August.

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