Rockcritics Interview Archives


  • Douglas Wolk: Dean of American Comics Critics (By Steven Ward, Sept. 2007)


  • The music writer and the damage done: Interview with Jon Wiederhorn (By Steven Ward, July 2006)

  • Greil Marcus (By Nate Seltenrich, May 2006) (Interview from 2004, printed here for the first time)

  • Entertaining weekly: Interview with movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum (By Aaron Aradillas, March 2006)

  • The voice of RJ Smith (By Steven Ward, January 2006)


  • Matt Resnicoff: A Musician's musician (By Steven Ward, October 2005)

  • Reel time with David Edelstein (By Aaron Aradillas, August 2005)

  • The only looming boy in New York City: movie critic Glenn Kenny (By Aaron Aradillas, June 2005)

  • She's something else: Janet Maslin interview (By Aaron Aradillas, May 2005)

  • The amazing adventures of movie Mike: Mike Clark interview (By Aaron Aradillas, March 2005)

  • Toronto's Star: Ben Rayner in a interview (By Cameron Gordon, March 2005)


  • History of a hipster: Interview with John Leland (By Joe Estes, November 2004)

  • Editor-in-chief of the world's loudest rock magazine: Revolver's Tom Beaujour (By Steven Ward, September 2004)

  • The girl can't help it: Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News (By Aaron Aradillas, August 2004)

  • Owen Gleiberman takes the long way home in a interview (By Aaron Aradillas, May 2004)

  • The Zen of John Kordosh: Inside the hallowed halls of '80s Creem (By Anthe Rhodes, May 2004)


  • Andy Secher, Hit Parader (By Steven Ward, November 2003)

  • Kandia Crazy Horse rips it up in a interview (By Scott Woods, November 2003)

  • Steven Rosen gets his byline on (By Steven Ward, September 2003)

  • All Music Guy, Michael Erlewine (By Barbara Flaska, July 2003)

  • Geoff Barton, behind the wheel: Former Kerrang! editor discovers a different kind of speed (By Steven Ward, March 2003)

  • Critiquing the critics: Steve Jones on the value of rock journalism (By Simon Warner, February 2003)

  • Waking up to what's possible: A conversation with Ben Ratliff (By Steven Ward, February 2003)

  • Chuck Eddy & the Holy Greil. A reprint of Phil Dellio's 1986 double-feature interview, originally published in Nerve magazine. (January 2003)


  • Michael Azerrad in person (By Jeanne Fury, December 2002)

  • His book could be your life: Michael Azerrad by E-Mail (By Scott Woods, December 2002)

  • Making it up as we go along: Interview with John Morthland (By William Crain, December 2002)

  • Online exchange with Simon Frith (September 2002)

  • Out of his pen: The words of Richard Williams (By Simon Warner, September 2002)

  • L.A.Times Kinda Guy: Interview with Steve Hochman (By Steven Ward, September 2002)

  • Online exchange with Robert Christgau (August 2002)

  • Rick Johnson is alive and well and living in Macomb (By Andrew Lapointe, July 2002)

  • The Goldberg Variations: Neumu editor addicted to criticism (By Barbara Flaska, July 2002)

  • Rolling Stone editor Nathan Brackett snubs breakfast reviews, predicts Klezmer kraze (By Jason Gross, June 2002)

  • Rock Criticism as brain surgery: Deborah Frost looks back (By Steven Ward, June 2002)

  • "It's the greatest beat in the world..." says Chicago Tribune music critic, Greg Kot (By Andrew Lapointe, June 2002)

  • True Stories: Interview with Everett True (By Matthew Fritch, June 2002)

  • Why pop matters... e-mail interview with Sarah Zupko (By Barbara Flaska, May 2002)

  • Jaan Uhelszki: Confessions of a former subscription kid (By Scott Woods, April 2002)

  • Creem's Canadian connection: Interview with Alan Niester (Interview by Andrew Lapointe, April 2002)

  • Sorry ma, forgot to bring in the trash... Tom Carson talks straight (By Scott Woods and Steven Ward, April 2002)

  • Online exchange with Greil Marcus (April 2002)

  • Chuck E... so addictive: Voice editor gets his freak on (By Steven Ward, March 2002)

  • A spontaneous explosion of personality: Jim DeRogatis (Interview by Andrew Lapointe, March 2002) + DeRogatis takes aim at rockcritics! (with Steven Ward and Scott Woods)

  • From hard rock to rock of ages: former Hit Parader writer Father Charley Crespo (By Steven Ward, February 2002)

  • Still able to see the Light: Spin editor Alan Light (By Steven Ward and Scott Woods, January 2002)

  • Losin' his mind in Detroit Rock City: Interview with Gary Graff (By Steven Ward, January 2002)


  • Covering the dirty, nasty, offensive, and (occasionally) stupid: Metal critic, Don Kaye (By Steven Ward, October 2001)

  • Cum on read The Noise: Interview with former Creem writer, Robert Duncan (By Steven Ward, October 2001)

  • Flaubert on the off days: Interview with Fred Schruers (By Steven Ward, September 2001)

  • Some Smiles With Miles: Milo Miles in Conversation (By Steven Ward, September 2001)

  • The Godfather of Rock Criticism, Paul Williams (By Pat Thomas & Christoph Gurk, August 2001)

  • San Franciscan Nights: Music writer Joel Selvin (By Barbara Flaska, August 2001)

  • Man On the Moon: Interview with Tom Moon (By Steven Ward, August 2001)

  • The Grey Lady's pop music man: Jon Pareles in conversation (By Steven Ward, July 2001)

  • Metal Guru: Inside Mike Saunders's brain (By Scott Woods, July 2001)

  • glenn mcdonald's war against rock criticism (By Steven Ward, June 2001)

  • Caught with his trousers down: The Ira Robbins interview (By Steven Ward, May 2001)

  • El David: Saint Dalton shoots his mouth off (By Steven Ward, May 2001)

  • Gina Arnold in the present tense (By Steven Ward, April 2001)

  • A rousing interview of self-affirmation with John Mendelssohn, King of L.A. (By Steven Ward, March 2001)

  • Richard Riegel: From Jester to Lester (By Steven Ward, March 2001)

  • Everyone's a rock critic: The lost Lester Bangs interview (By anonymous, 1980 - first posted in March 2001)

  • A meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy interview with Dave Marsh (By Scott Woods, February 2001)

  • The Rev. Charles M. Young calms down, grows up, and sings the joys of middle age (By Steven Ward, February 2001)

  • 10,000 Reasons to never leave home: Barney Hoskyns (By Gary Robertson and Scott Woods, February 2001)

  • David McGee: He will never be the editor of a rock magazine again (By Steven Ward, January 2001)


  • He got a TV Eye on you: The Ken Tucker Interview (By Steven Ward, December 2000)

  • Anthony DeCurtis: Populist at large (By Steven Ward, November 2000)

  • Part-time writer: Tom Smucker keeps us hangin' by the telephone (By Steven Ward, October 2000)

  • The true adventures of Stanley Booth: Interview with the Stones' greatest chronicler (By Steven Ward, August 2000)

  • Kicks just keep getting harder to find: Richard Meltzer (By Scott Woods, August 2000)

  • Martin Popoff... On heavy metal, rock criticism, and carpal tunnel syndrome (By Steven Ward, July 2000)

  • The not-so-hip J.D. Considine: A Music Critic Who Writes About Music (By Steven Ward, May 2000)

  • Whatever happened to rock critic Paul Nelson (By Steven Ward, March 2000)


  • Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide: Interview with Bob Dobbs (By Scott Woods, 1999)

  • Talk Eddy to me: The World's Most Iconoclastic Rock Critic Speaks Out (By Scott Woods)
    (+ Phil Dellio wades through Chuck Eddy's theories) (1998)

  • Concrete Jungle: Interview with Darren Wershler-Henry (By Scott Woods, 1997)

  • Pushin' too hard: Frank Kogan Dances Wit' Choo (and you and you and you) (By Scott Woods, 1997)

  • Snapshots of a pop obsessive: Interview with photographer Chris Buck (By Scott Woods, 1996)