Fun facts about John Kordosh

Compiled by Anthe Rhodes

  • John Kordosh was the first celebrity host of AOL's Live Chat. The first featured band was Great White.

  • He was once cursed by a drunken Dave Davies, but wasn't offended because Davies was drunk.

  • Kordosh's exhaustive history of the Kinks is still referenced by fans and other writers, 25 years after it was first published in Creem.

  • His Rush story has been the object of scorn from their fans and laughter from others, a legacy well documented on usenet.

  • The above fact makes him the Salmon Rushdie of the Rush set.

  • "Yeah, I read that article. Kordosh was such a dickhead." The words of one usenet reader.

  • He drank with Ozzy Osbourne while Sharon loomed in back. Or rather, John drank while Ozzy watched. He was on the wagon then.

  • "The person who wrote this article obviously has no concept of musicianship, if he thinks McCartney is better than Geddy Lee, or especially if he thinks McCartney could play guitar better than Alex, drums better than Neil, or write better lyrics than Neil...what the fuck planet is this asshole from?" Another Rush usenet reader.

  • While tagging along with Bill Holdship on an interview with the Replacements, both became pals with Westerberg and the rest of the band. It was John who was secure enough in his masculinity to scream when bassist Tommy Stinson threw a beer bottle, shattering it against the wall.

  • He loves Head. No, not that head, necessarily. The trippy Monkees movie, which John thinks is the best music movie of all time.

  • "That interviewer was definitely a good writer, and pulled no punches in expressing his dislike for the band. Hilarious." Still another usenet reader.

  • He contributed to a professional petition against global warming; however, if he had to do it over again, he would reconsider.

  • A guilty musical pleasure is difficult for John to imagine, since he has none. He is, however, a whistling music enthusiast.

  • "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is one of his favourite pop songs. Mostly due to Kiki Dee. He also enjoyed some of the disco music that came out around that time.

  • Bob Dylan told John that he couldn't remember making John Wesley Harding. But then, he told him a lot of things.

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