Mike Clark's CDR Music Project

Launched in 1981 as a personal taping project, then re-done and vastly expanded for the CDR era, this is my attempt to preserve entertainment history from an audio point of view.

We start with the Billboard hits, and inclusion or non- gets somewhat arbitrary after, say, the top 10 tunes of any given month. It's the bonafide hits and (starting in the mid-'50s) choice album cuts--also a smattering of jazz, Broadway, movie soundtrack selections and (yes, though I don't let this get too far out of hand), non-hits that have special meaning to me. I couldn't do everything, but for the 1950s alone, I had enough material to fill 108 CDs.

The playlist starts in 1935 and is fairly spotty until about 1940 (when Billboard started charting and when there is much wider availability of cuts). I'm currently up to 1972 (the tape version went to 1981), but I was adamant that the project be very comprehensive from the '40s (the songs I listened to over and over at ages five and six from my parents' and aunt's 78s) and in the '50s and '60s, which were my first-hand formative music years.

It allows me to spot musical anachronisms in any period movie I see, but most of all it gives me endless enjoyment in my living room or on a gym treadmill. Of all my life projects, this is the one that gives me the most pride. Listening to these, I can pretty well tell you, "This is how musical entertainment was."

Just about the time I'm starting to listen to music with zest

1) BE ANYTHING, BUT BE MINE (Peggy Lee; Capitol); 2) GIVE ME TIME (Johnnie Ray; Columbia); 3) WALKIN' MY BABY BACK HOME (same); 4) SWEET SIXTEEN (Joe Turner; Atlantic); 5) BOOTED (Roscoe Gordon; Chess); 6) GOIN' HOME (Fats Domino; Imperial); 7) THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME (Billy Ward & The Dominoes; King); 8) HAVE MERCY BABY (same); 9) ONE MINT JULEP (The Clovers; Atlantic); 10) I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS (Doris Day, off the Columbia soundtrack album to I'll See You in My Dreams); 11) AIN'T WE GOT FUN (Doris Day & Danny Thomas off same); 12) I WAITED A LITTLE TOO LONG (Kay Starr; Capitol); 13) SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 14) GONNA GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU NOW (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 15) MAYBE (Perry Como & Eddie Fisher; Victor); 16) WATERMELON WEATHER (same); 17) THE WILD SIDE OF LIFE (Hank Thompson; Capitol); 18) LOVER (Peggy Lee; Decca); 19) AUF WIEDERSEH'N SWEETHEART (Vera Lynn; London); 20) THE DAY OF JUBILO (Guy Mitchell; Columbia); 21) TAKE MY HEART (Al Martino; Capitol); 22) OAKIE BOOGIE (Ella Mae Morse; Capitol); 23) IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME (Les Paul & Mary Ford; Capitol); 24) ONCE IN A WHILE (Patti Page; Mercury); 25) ROLL WITH MY BABY (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 26) OH, MARIE (Dean Martin; Capitol); 27) HAPPY TRAILS (Roy Rogers & Dale Evans; Victor); 28) BOTCH-A-ME (Rosemary Clooney; Columbia)

Gee by The Crows--a watershed for me

1) GEE (The Crows; Rama); 2) THE MAN WITH THE BANJO (The Ames Brothers; Victor); 3) A FOGGY DAY (Frank Sinatra, off Songs for Young Lovers; Capitol); 4) INDISCRETION (Jo Stafford, with Liberace; Columbia); 5) LOST IN LOVELINESS (Billy Eckstine; MGM); 6) A GIRL, A GIRL (Eddie Fisher; Victor); 7) HERE (Tony Martin; Victor); 8) I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT (The Spiders; Imperial); 9) SUCH A NIGHT (Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters; Atlantic); 10) LOVEY DOVEY (The Clovers; Atlantic); 11) THE BLUE BELLS OF BROADWAY (Doris Day; Columbia, which is also the Warner Bros. soundtrack recording from Lucky Me); 12) MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Frank Sinatra, off Songs for Young Lovers; Capitol); 13) I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW (Les Paul & Mary Ford; Capitol); 14) LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT (Kitty Kallen; Decca); 15) I GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU VERY WELL (Chet Baker; Blue Note); 16) JILTED (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 17) HEY BROTHER, POUR THE WINE (Dean Martin; Capitol); 18) I'D CRY LIKE A BABY (same); 19) LITTLE MAMA (The Clovers; Atlantic); 20) LUCILLE (Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters; Atlantic); 21) IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 22) SUCH A NIGHT (Johnnie Ray; Columbia); 23) THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME (Frank Sinatra, off Songs for Young Lovers; Capitol); 24) CRAZY 'BOUT YA, BABY (The Crew Cuts; Mercury); 25) THE HAPPY WANDERER (Frank Weir; London); 26) IF YOU LOVE ME (REALLY LOVE ME) (Kay Starr; Capitol); 27) THE MAN UPSTAIRS (same)

The fertile schizophrenia of a budding era

1) KO KO MO (Perry Como; Victor); 2) THE CRAZY OTTO (Johnny Maddox; Dot); 3) A SLEEPIN' BEE (Diahann Carroll of the original Broadway album of House of Flowers; Columbia); 4) HOW IMPORTANT CAN IT BE? (Joni James; MGM); 5) BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT (Bill Hayes; Cadence); 6) TWEEDLEE DEE (Georgia Gibbs; Mercury); 7) IT WONDERS ME (Gloria Marlowe off the original Broadway album of Plain and Fancy; Capitol); 8) FOLLOW YOUR HEART (David Daniels, Gloria Marlowe and Barbara Cook from same); 9) YOUNG AND FOOLISH (Dean Martin; Capitol); 10) WALLFLOWER (Etta James; Modern); 11) I GOT A WOMAN (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 12) SMILES (Crazy Otto; Decca); 13) GLAD RAG DOLL (same); 14) HALLELUJAH (Tony Martin, Vic Damone & Russ Tamblyn from the MGM soundtrack to Hit the Deck); 15) KEEPIN' MYSELF FOR YOU (Tony Martin from same); 16) LUCKY BIRD (Jane Powell from same); 17) SOMETIMES I'M HAPPY (same); 18) I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW (Vic Damone & Jane Powell from same); 19) WHY, OH WHY (Vic Damone, Russ Tamblyn, Tony Martin, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Ann Miller from same); 20) JOIN THE NAVY + LOO LOO (Debbie Reynolds from same); 21) HALLELUJAH (Tony Martin, Vic Damone, Russ Tamblyn, Kay Armen, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Ann Miller in finale from same); 22) CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE (Perez Prado; Victor); 23) DARLING, JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 24) THE SAND AND THE SEA (same)

1) BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT (Fess Parker; Columbia); 2) EAST OF EDEN (Leonard Rosenman's main title theme off the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 3) MAMBO ROCK (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 4) BIRTH OF THE BOOGIE (same); 5) STOMPIN' FOR MILI (Dave Brubeck, off Brubeck Time; Columbia); 6) MY BABE (Little Walter; Checker); 7) COME BACK BABY (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 8) HOW IMPORTANT CAN IT BE? (Sarah Vaughan; Mercury); 9) A MAN CHASES A GIRL (UNTIL SHE CATCHES HIM) (Eddie Fisher, with Debbie Reynolds; Victor); 10) SOFTLY, SOFTLY (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 11) DANGER, HEARTBREAK AHEAD (same); 12) IT MAY SOUND SILLY (The McGuire Sisters; Coral); 13) TWO HEARTS (Pat Boone; Dot); 14) UNCHAINED MELODY (Les Baxter; Capitol); 15) UNCHAINED MELODY (Al Hibbler; Decca); 16) THE BREEZE AND I (Caterina Valente; Decca); 17) STRANGE LADY IN TOWN (Frankie Laine; Columbia); 18) DON'T BE ANGRY (Nappy Brown; Savoy); 19) CLOSE YOUR EYES (The Five Keys; Capitol); 20) FLIP, FLOP AND FLY (Joe Turner; Atlantic); 21) BABY, LET'S PLAY HOUSE (Elvis Presley; Sun); 22) A LITTLE BRAINS - A LITTLE TALENT (Gwen Verdon off the original Broadway album for Damn Yankees; Victor); 23) WHO'S GOT THE PAIN? (Gwen Verdon and Eddie Phillips off same); 24) I DON'T CARE (Webb Pierce; Decca); 25) CHEROKEE (Clifford Brown, off Study in Brown; EmArcy)

CDR MAY - JUNE, 1955
1) IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS OF THE MORNING (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 2) BOP-TING-A-LING (LaVern Baker; Atlantic); 3) WHATCHA GONNA DO (Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters; Atlantic); 4) BO DIDDLEY (Bo Diddley; Checker); 5) THE PREACHER (off Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers; Blue Note); 6) WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (Sarah Vaughan; Mercury); 7) HEART (Eddie Fisher; Victor); 8) MARTY (Roy Webb's main title theme off the United Artists soundtrack); 9) IF I MAY (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 10) A BLOSSOM FELL (same); 11) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 12) EVERYBODY LOVES MY BABY (Doris Day, off the soundtrack album to Love Me or Leave Me; Columbia); 13) SHAKIN' THE BLUES AWAY (same); 14) LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (same); 15) OPUS ONE (The Mills Brothers; Decca); 16) BLUE STAR (Felicia Sanders; Columbia); 17) HEY, MR. BANJO (The Sunnysiders; Kapp); 18) CRY CRY CRY (Johnny Cash; Sun); 19) ILL WIND (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 20) DOODLIN' (off Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers; Blue Note); 21) DON'T YOU KNOW (Fats Domino; Imperial); 22) IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE (Somethin' Smith & the Redheads; Epic); 23) SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE (Fred Astaire & Leslie Caron off the 20th Century-Fox soundtrack to Daddy Long Legs); 24) HE'S A TRAMP (Peggy Lee off the Disney soundtrack to Lady and the Tramp)

1) LEARNIN' THE BLUES (Frank Sinatra; Capitol); 2) EVERYDAY I HAVE THE BLUES (Joe Williams; Verve); 3) AS LONG AS I'M MOVING (Ruth Brown; Atlantic); 4) STORY UNTOLD (The Nutmegs; Herald); 5) AIN'T THAT A SHAME (Fats Domino; Imperial); 6) SLUEFOOT (Ray Anthony, with Fred Astaire-Leslie Caron dancing, off the 20th Century-Fox soundtrack to Daddy Long Legs); 7) THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC (Sammy Davis, Jr.; Decca); 8) LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (same); 9) SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE (The McGuire Sisters; Coral); 10) CHEE-CHEE-O-CHEE (Perry Como & Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 11) TWO LOST SOULS (same); 12) SWEET AND GENTLE (Alan Dale; Coral); 13) GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 14) I KNOW YOUR MOTHER LOVES YOU (Dean Martin, with Diana Lynn, off the Paramount soundtrack to You're Never Too Young); 15) LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS (Dean Martin off same); 16) SIMPATICO (Dean Martin off same); 17) FACE THE MUSIC (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis off same); 18) I LIKE TO HIKE (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis off same); 19) EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY (Sarah Vaughan; Mercury); 20) MY ONE SIN (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 21) NOT AS A STRANGER (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle; Capitol); 22) RAZZLE DAZZLE (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 23) APRIL IN PARIS (Count Basie; Verve)

1) MYSTERY TRAIN (Elvis Presley; Sun); 2) THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS (Chuck Miller; Mercury); 3) MISTER ROBERTS (Franz Waxman's main title theme off the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 4) SEVENTEEN (Boyd Bennett; King); 5) DOMANI (Julius LaRosa; Cadence); 6) GOOD AND LONESOME (Kay Starr; Victor); 7) THE BANJO'S BACK IN TOWN (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 8) FOOL FOR YOU (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 9) THIS LITTLE GIRL OF MINE (same); 10) SOLDIER BOY (Four Fellows; Glory); 11) IT'S LOVE BABY (Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers; Excello); 12) WHAT CAN I SAY AFTER I SAY I'M SORRY? (Peggy Lee; Decca); 13) PETE KELLY'S BLUES (Main title theme off the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 14) HARD-HEARTED HANNAH (Ella Fitzgerald off same); 15) PETE KELLY'S BLUES (Ella Fitzgerald off same); 16) I'M A MAN (Bo Diddley; Checker); 17) I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU (Doris Day; Columbia); 18) THE KENTUCKIAN SONG (The Hilltoppers; Dot); 19) MOOD INDIGO (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 20) WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE (same); 21) FOOLED (Perry Como; Victor); 22) TINA MARIE (same); 23) GUM DROP (The Crew Cuts; Mercury); 24) THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS (Mitch Miller; Columbia); 25) HUMMINGBIRD (Les Paul & Mary Ford; Capitol); 26) SOFTLY, AS A MORNING SUNRISE (The Modern Jazz Quartet, off Concorde; Prestige)

1) WAKE THE TOWN AND TELL THE PEOPLE (Les Baxter; Capitol); 2) THE LONGEST WALK (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 3) HAND CLAPPING (Red Prysock; Mercury); 4) MAYBELLINE (Chuck Berry; Chess); 5) THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Main title theme to Walter Schumann's soundtrack; Victor); 6) MOMENTS TO REMEMBER (The Four Lads; Columbia); 7) AUTUMN LEAVES (Roger Williams; Kapp); 8) LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDORED THING (The Four Aces; Decca); 9) SEVENTEEN (The Fontane Sisters; Dot); 10) THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO (Don Cornell; Coral); 11) BLACK DENIM TROUSERS (The Cheers; Capitol); 12) I GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU VERY WELL (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 13) SAME OLD SATURDAY NIGHT (Frank Sinatra; Capitol); 14) WHY DON'T YOU WRITE ME? (The Jacks; RPM); 15) SHE'S FINE, SHE'S MINE (Bo Diddley; Checker); 16) DIDDLEY DADDY (same); 17) FEEL SO GOOD (Shirley & Lee; Aladdin); 18) ALL BY MYSELF (Fats Domino; Imperial); 19) ONLY YOU (The Platters; Mercury); 20) THE BINGE (Dancing of Gene Kelly, Dan Dailey & Michael Kidd off the MGM soundtrack to It's Always Fair Weather); 21) BABY, YOU KNOCK ME OUT (Cyd Charisse off same); 22) I LIKE MYSELF (Gene Kelly off same); 23) BLOOD ALLEY (Roy Webb's main title theme off the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 24) I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY (Georgia Gibbs; Mercury); 25) GERSHWIN MEDLEY: Soon + For You, For Me, Forever More + Love Walked In + Our Love Is Here To Stay (The Modern Jazz Quartet, off Concorde; Prestige)

1) SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Gogi Grant; Era); 2) WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off In the Wee Small Hours; Capitol); 3) LOVE AND MARRIAGE (Frank Sinatra; Capitol); 4) OUR TOWN (same); 5) REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (Leonard Rosenman's main title theme off the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 6) ALL AROUND THE WORLD Little Willie John; King); 7) I HEAR YOU KNOCKING (Smiley Lewis; Imperial); 8) AT MY FRONT DOOR (The El Dorados; Vee-Jay); 9) HANDS OFF (Jay McShann & Priscilla Bowman; Vee-Jay); 10) PLAY IT FAIR (LaVern Baker; Atlantic); 11) BLACKJACK (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 14) GREENBACKS (same); 13) PRETTY THING (Bo Diddley; Checker); 14) BRING IT TO JEROME (same); 15) IN NAPOLI (Dean Martin; Capitol); 16) MY BONNIE LASSIE (The Ames Brothers; Victor); 17) FORGIVE MY HEART (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 18) SOMEONE YOU LOVE (Same); 19) YOU ARE MY LOVE (Joni James; MGM); 20) MY BOY FLAT TOP (Boyd Bennett; King); 21) THE DUKE (Dave Brubeck, off Jazz: Red, Hot and Cool; Columbia); 22) THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED PERMANENT FLOATING CRAP GAME IN NEW YORK (Frank Sinatra & Co. off the Goldwyn soundtrack to Guys and Dolls); 23) GUYS AND DOLLS (same); 24) ADELAIDE (Frank Sinatra, with Vivian Blaine, off same); 25) DADDY-O (Bonnie Lou; King); 26) SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Jo Stafford; Columbia)

1) HE (Al Hibbler; Decca); 2) ROCK-A-BEATIN' BOOGIE (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 3) BURN THAT CANDLE (same); 4) I HEAR YOU KNOCKING (Gale Storm; Dot); 5) THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (Bernard Herrmann's main title theme off the Paramount soundtrack); 6) THE SHIFTING, WHISPERING SANDS (Rusty Draper; Mercury); 7) OKLAHOMA! (Main title overture from the Magna soundtrack; 8) KANSAS CITY (Gene Nelson, Charlotte Greenwood & Co. off same); 9) MANY A NEW DAY (Shirley Jones off same); 10) THE FARMER AND THE COWMAN SHOULD BE FRIENDS (Jay C. Flippen, James Whitmore, Charlotte Greenwood, Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame off same); 11) ADORABLE (The Drifters; Atlantic); 12) STEAMBOAT (same); 13) POOR ME (Fats Domino; Imperial); 14) TUTTI FRUTTI (Little Richard; Specialty); 15) THE GREAT PRETENDER (The Platters; Mercury); 16) DADDY-O (The Fontane Sisters; Dot); 17) YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY (Tennessee Ernie Ford; Capitol); 18) SIXTEEN TONS (same); 19) CRY ME A RIVER (Julie London; Liberty); 20) IT'S ALMOST TOMORROW (The Dream Weavers; Decca); 21) ALL AT ONCE YOU LOVE HER (Perry Como; Victor); 22) PEPPER-HOT BABY (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 23) IF YOU DON'T WANT MY LOVE (same) 24) CHANGE OF HEART (Dean Martin; Capitol); 25) MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS (same)

1) BAND OF GOLD (Don Cherry, Columbia); 2) DUNGAREE DOLL (Eddie Fisher; Victor); 3) EVERYBODY'S GOT A HOME BUT ME (same); 4) ROSALIE (Fats Domino; Imperial); 5) SMOKEY JOE'S CAFÉ (The Robins; Atlantic); 6) OOH BANG JIGGLY JANG (Doris Day; Columbia); 7) (LOVE IS) THE TENDER TRAP (Frank Sinatra; Capitol); 8) A WOMAN IN LOVE (The Four Aces; Decca); 9) ANGELS IN THE SKY (The Crew Cuts; Mercury); 10) NUTTIN' FOR CHRISTMAS (Barry Gordon; MGM); 11) WHY BABY WHY (Red Sovine, with Webb Pierce; Decca); 12) FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (Johnny Cash; Sun); 13) ARTISTS AND MODELS (Dean Martin off the Paramount opening-credits soundtrack); 14) YOU LOOK SO FAMILIAR (same); 15) ARTISTS AND MODELS (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis off same); 16) LISBON ANTIGUA (Nelson Riddle; Capitol); ); 17) I'LL BE HOME (Pat Boone; Dot); 18) TEENAGE PRAYER (Gloria Mann; Sound); 19) WHEN YOU DANCE (The Turbans; Herald); 20) ARE YOU SATISFIED? (Rusty Draper; Mercury);; 21) I'M GONNA LAUGH YOU RIGHT OUT OF MY LIFE (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 22) EASY STREET (Julie London, off Julie Is Her Name; Liberty); 23) NO MOON AT ALL (same); 24) STARS FELL ON ALABAMA (Frankie Laine, off Jazz Spectacular; Columbia); 25) SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 26) NOT ONE GOODBYE (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 27) ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ (Kay Starr; Victor)

1) GONE WITH THE WIND (Julie London, off Julie Is Her Name; Liberty); 2) THAT OLD FEELING (Frankie Laine, off Jazz Spectacular; Columbia); 3) HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Anita O'Day, off Anita; Verve); 4) LET IT RING (Doris Day; Columbia); 5) CHAIN GANG (Bobby Scott; ABC-Paramount); 6) NO! NOT MUCH (The Four Lads; Columbia); 7) I'LL BE HOME (The Flamingos; Checker); 8) SEVEN DAYS (Clyde McPhatter; Atlantic); 9) DON'T BLAME IT ON ME (Fats Domino; Imperial); 10) BO WEEVIL (same); 11) NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD (Little Willie John; King); 12) AIN'T THAT LOVIN' YOU BABY (Jimmy Reed; Vee-Jay); 13) HEY, DOLL BABY (The Clovers; Atlantic); 14) DEVIL OR ANGEL (same); 15) SPEEDOO (The Cadillacs; Josie); 16) DARLING COREY + KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE + PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN (The Weavers, from the December 24, 1955 Carnegie Hall concert; Vanguard; album not released until many years later); 17) ROCK ISLAND LINE (same); 18) WHEN THE CHILDREN ARE ASLEEP (Robert Rounseville & Barbara Ruick from the 20th Century-Fox soundtrack to Carousel); 19) THIS WAS A REAL NICE CLAMBAKE (ensemble from same); 20) STONECUTTERS CUT IT ON STONE (Cameron Mitchell & ensemble from same); 21) WHAT'S THE USE OF WONDERIN'? (Shirley Jones from same); 22) LIPSTICK, CANDY AND RUBBER-SOLE SHOES (Julius LaRosa; Victor); 23) THE POOR PEOPLE OF PARIS (Les Baxter; Capitol); 24) ALL NIGHT LONG (Jo Stafford; Columbia); 25) YOU'LL GET YOURS (Frank Sinatra; Capitol)

1) WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE? (Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers; Gee); 2) MATILDA (Harry Belafonte; Victor); 3) MEMORIES OF YOU (Rosemary Clooney & Benny Goodman; Columbia); 4) MR. WONDERFUL (Peggy Lee; Decca); 5) JUKE BOX BABY (Perry Como; Victor); 6) HOT DIGGITY (same); 7) HEARTBREAK HOTEL (Elvis Presley; Victor); 8) I WAS THE ONE (same); 9) INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (Carmen Dragon's main title theme off the Allied Artists soundtrack); 10) 99 YEARS (Guy Mitchell; Columbia); 11) CRY BABY (The Bonnie Sisters; Rainbow); 12) LOVELY ONE (The Four Voices; Columbia); 13) ASK ME (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 14) THAT'S ALL (Tennessee Ernie Ford; Capitol); 15) FLOWERS MEAN FORGIVENESS (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle; Capitol); 16) THE GAL WITH THE YALLER SHOES (Dan Dailey off the MGM soundtrack to Meet Me in Las Vegas); 17) LULLABY OF BIRDLAND (Blue Stars; Mercury); 18) LOVELY LIES (Manhattan Brothers & Miriam Makeba; London); 19) ELOISE (Kay Thompson; Cadence); 20) EDDIE, MY LOVE (The Teen Queens; RPM); 21) WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE? (off Clifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street; EmArcy); 22) BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Elvis Presley; Victor); 23) TUTTI FRUTTI (same); 24) YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 25 YOU'VE GOT TO SEE MAMA EVERY NIGHT (OR YOU CAN'T SEE MAMA AT ALL) (Peggy Lee; Decca)

1) I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 2) ROCK ISLAND LINE (Lonnie Donegan; London); 3) FOREVER DARLING (The Ames Brothers; Victor); 4) I'LL REMEMBER APRIL (off Clifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street; EmArcy); 5) A TEAR FELL (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 6) I GOT A WOMAN (off Elvis Presley; Victor); 7) INNAMORATA (Dean Martin; Capitol); 8) I GOT IT BAD (AND THAT AIN'T GOOD) (Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington, off Blue Rose; Columbia) 9) R-O-C-K (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 10) THE SAINTS ROCK AND ROLL (same); 11) DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 12) LONG TALL SALLY (Little Richard; Speciality; 13) SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN' (same); 14) (YOU'VE GOT) THE MAGIC TOUCH (The Platters; Mercury); 15) DOWN IN MEXICO (The Coasters; Atlantic); 16) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (James Brown; King); 17) IN A LITTLE SPANISH TOWN (Bing Crosby; Decca); 18) MY FAIR LADY (overture) + WOULDN'T IT BE LOVERLY (Julie Andrews; both off the original cast album); 19) THE RAIN IN SPAIN (Rex Harrison & Julie Andrews off same); 20) I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 21) SWINGIN' DOWN THE LANE (same); 22) MOONGLOW + THEME FROM PICNIC (Morris Stoloff; Decca); 23) BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Carl Perkins; Sun); 24) HONEY, DON'T! (same)

1)THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (Elmer Bernstein; Decca); 2) MOOD INDIGO (Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington, off Blue Rose Columbia); 3) MEMORIES OF YOU (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle; off Songs for Swingin' Lovers outtake; Capitol); 4) TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 5) THE HAPPY WHISTLER (Don Robertson; Capitol); 6) CAN YOU FIND IT IN YOUR HEART? (Tony Bennett; Columbia); 7) THE WAYWARD WIND (Gogi Grant; Era); 8) I WANT YOU TO BE MY GIRL (Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers; Gee); 9) CORRINE, CORRINA (Joe Williams; Atlantic); 10) IVORY TOWER (Otis Williams; DeLuxe); 11) MY BLUE HEAVEN (Fats Domino; same); 12) I'M IN LOVE AGAIN (same); 13) WILL YOU WILLYUM (Janis Martin; Victor); 14) I'VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE (Gordon MacRae; Capitol); 15) WALK HAND IN HAND (Tony Martin; Victor); 16) TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 17) MONEY HONEY (Elvis Presley; Victor); 18) THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (Bernard Herrmann's title theme off the Paramount soundtrack); 19) THE SEARCHERS (Max Steiner & The Sons of the Pioneers off the main title to the Warner Bros. soundtrack); 20) WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY (Dean Martin; Capitol); 21) STANDING ON THE CORNER (same); 22) LOST IN THE SHUFFLE (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 23) PLAYING FOR KEEPS (same); 24) TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT (Eydie Gorme; ABC-Paramount); 25) FIVE HUNDRED GUYS (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle; Capitol); 26) HOW LITTLE WE KNOW (same)

CDR JUNE, 1956
1) STANDING ON THE CORNER (The Four Lads; Columbia); 2) BOPPIN' THE BLUES (Carl Perkins; Sun); 3) EVERYBODY'S TRYING TO BE MY BABY (same); 4) IF YOU WANNA SEE MAMIE TONIGHT (The Ames Brothers; Victor); 5) MY BABY LEFT ME (Elvis Presley; Victor); 6) I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU (same); 7) PICNIC (The McGuire Sisters; Coral); 8) MAN SMART, WOMAN SMARTER (Harry Belafonte; Victor); 9) RUBY BABY (The Drifters; Atlantic); 10) FEVER (Little Willie John; King); 11) TREASURE OF LOVE (Clyde McPhatter; Atlantic); 12) LITTLE GIRL OF MINE (The Cleftones; Gee); 13) CHURCH BELLS MAY RING (The Willows; Melba); 14) WHO DO YOU LOVE? (Bo Diddley; Checker); 15) BORN TO BE WITH YOU (The Chordettes; Cadence); 16) ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE (Vic Damone; Columbia); 17) I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT (Sylvia Sims; Decca); 18) GRADUATION DAY (The Four Freshman; Capitol); 19) PORTUGEUSE WASHERWOMAN (Joe "Fingers" Carr; Capitol); 20) BRAZIL (Carmen Cavallero from the Columbia Pictures' soundtrack to The Eddy Duchin Story); 21) IT ONLY HURTS FOR A LITTLE WHILE (The Ames Brothers; Victor); 22) TRYING TO GET TO YOU (off Elvis Presley; Victor); 23) ONE-SIDED LOVE AFFAIR (off Elvis Presley; same); 24) TRANSFUSION (Nervous Norvous; Dot); 25) WE'LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 26) ANYTHING GOES (same)

1) NIGHT AND DAY (Ella Fitzgerald, off The Cole Porter Songbook; Verve); 2) I CONCENTRATE ON YOU (same); 3) HALLELUJAH, I JUST LOVE HER SO (Ray Charles; Atlantic); 4) ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (Chuck Berry; Chess); 5) THE KING AND I (Overture off the 20th Century-Fox soundtrack album; Capitol); 6) I WHISTLE A HAPPY TUNE (Marni Nixon, for Deborah Kerr, off same; 7) GETTING TO KNOW YOU (same); 8) SHALL WE DANCE (Marni Nixon & Yul Brynner off same); 9) GO GO GO (Roy Orbison; Sun); 10) OOBY DOOBY (same); 11) I ALMOST LOST MY MIND (Pat Boone; Dot); 12) MORE (Perry Como; Victor); 12) GLENDORA (same); 13) IT'S TOO LATE (Chuck Willis; Atlantic); 14) A CASUAL LOOK (The Six Teens; Flip); 15) RIP IT UP (Little Richard; Specialty); 16) READY TEDDY (same); 17) STRANDED IN THE JUNGLE (The Cadets; Modern); 18) JOHNNY CASANOVA (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 19) YOU DON'T KNOW ME (Jerry Vale; Columbia); 20) DUCK TAIL (Joe Clay; Vik); 21) BE-BOP-A-LULA (Gene Vincent; Capitol) 22) PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 23) OLD DEVIL MOON (same)

1) WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE (Doris Day; Columbia); 2) THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO THAT (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 3) ALLEGHENY MOON (Patti Page; Mercury); 4) PARDNERS (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis; Capitol); 5) ME 'N YOU 'N THE MOON (Dean Martin; Capitol); 6) THE WIND, THE WIND (same); 7) SOFT SUMMER BREEZE (Eddie Heywood; Mercury); 8) CANADIAN SUNSET (Hugo Winterhalter, with Eddie Heywood; Victor); 9) IN A SHANTY IN OLD SHANTY TOWN (Somethin' Smith & the Redheads; Epic); 10) LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle, off Songs for Swingin' Lovers; Capitol); 11) HOW ABOUT YOU? (same); 12) A SWEET OLD-FASHIONED GIRL (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 13) HOUND DOG (Elvis Presley; Victor); 14) DON'T BE CRUEL (same); 15) LADY SINGS THE BLUES (Billie Holiday, off Lady Sings the Blues; Verve); 16) JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS (Ella Fitzgerald, off The Cole Porter Songbook; Verve); 17) BEGIN THE BEGUINE (same); 18) LOVE LOVE LOVE (The Clovers; Atlantic); 19) HONKY TONK I and II (Bill Doggett; King); 20) SO LONG (Fats Domino; Imperial); 21) WHEN MY DREAMBOAT COMES HOME (same); 22) THE FLYING SAUCER (Buchanan & Goodman; Luniverse); 23) APE CALL (Nervous Norvous; Dot); 24) GHOST TOWN (Don Cherry; Columbia); 25) I'M GONNA STEAL YOU AWAY (Dean Martin; Capitol)

1) DREAM ALONG WITH ME (Perry Como; Victor); 2) MY PRAYER (The Platters; Mercury); 3) I'LL BE AROUND (Don Cherry; Columbia); 4) FROM THE CANDY STORE ON THE CORNER TO THE CHAPEL ON THE HILL (Tony Bennett; Columbia); 5) TRUE LOVE (Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly, off the soundtrack album to High Society; Capitol); 6) WELL, DID YOU EVAH? (Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra, off same); 7) YOU'RE SENSATIONAL (Frank Sinatra, off same); 8) MIND IF I MAKE LOVE TO YOU (same); 9) NOW YOU HAS JAZZ (Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong, off same); 10) TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME (Patience & Prudence; Liberty); 11) THE FOOL (Sanford Clark; Dot); 12) AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN LOW (Al Hibbler; Decca); 13) HAPPINESS STREET (Georgia Gibbs; Mercury); 14) CANADIAN SUNSET (Andy Williams; Cadence); 15) A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP (Ella Fitzgerald, off The Cole Porter Songbook; Verve); 16) I LOVE PARIS (same); 17) SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME (Perry Como; Victor); 18) THEME FROM SONG FOR A SUMMER NIGHT (Mitch Miller; Columbia); 19) KA DING DONG (The G-Clefs; Pilgrim); 20) BAD LUCK (B.B. King; RPM); 21) CHICKEN SHACK (Amos Milburn; Aladdin); 22) IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT (The Five Satins; Ember); 23) LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL (Shirley & Lee; Aladdin); 24) TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS (Chuck Berry; Chess); 25) BROWN-EYED HANDSOME MAN (same); 26) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOUSE (Rusty Draper; Mercury); 27) THE TRAIN KEPT A-ROLLIN' (The Johnny Burnette Trio; Coral); 28) I LOVE MICKEY (Teresa Brewer & Mickey Mantle; Coral)

1) JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN (Johnnie Ray; Columbia); 2) ST. THOMAS (Sonny Rollins, off Saxophone Colossus; Prestige); 3) FRIENDLY PERSUASION (Pat Boone; Dot); 4) A PAPER OF PINS (Bus Stop Theme) (The Four Lads; Columbia) 5) ST. THERESE OF THE ROSES (Billy Ward & the Dominoes, with Jackie Wilson; Decca); 6) OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND (The Five Keys; Capitol); 7) SEE SAW (The Moonglows; Chess); 8) STILL (Lavern Baker; Atlantic); 9) MIRACLE OF LOVE (Eileen Rodgers; Columbia); 10) BLUE MOON (Elvis Presley; Victor); 11) MY BOY ELVIS (Janis Martin; Victor); 12) JUMPS, GIGGLES AND SHOUTS (Gene Vincent; Capitol); 13) RACE WITH THE DEVIL (same); 14) HONEY HUSH (The Johnny Burnette Trio; Coral); 15) UBANGI STOMP (Warren Smith; Sun); 16) SWINGING ON A STAR (off Oscar Peterson at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival; Verve); 17) GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME (Shelly Manne, off Modern Jazz Performances of Songs from My Fair Lady; Contemporary); 18) BLUE SEVEN (Sonny Rollins, off Saxophone Colossus; Prestige); 19) THE GREEN DOOR (Jim Lowe; Dot); 20) TRUE LOVE (Jane Powell; Verve); 21) THE TEST OF TIME (Dean Martin; Capitol); 22) THE ABCs of LOVE (Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers; Gee); 23) GIANT (main title theme off the Dimitri Tiomkin soundtrack album; Capitol)

1) I DON'T CARE IF THE SUN DON'T SHINE (Elvis Presley; Victor); 2) LOVE ME TENDER (same); 3) IT ISN'T RIGHT (The Platters; Mercury); 4) YOU'LL NEVER NEVER KNOW (same); 5) I WALK THE LINE (Johnny Cash; Sun); 6) GET RHYTHM (same); 7) JETT RINKS'S THEME (off Dimitri Tiomkin's soundtrack to Giant; Capitol); 8) GARDEN OF EDEN (Joe Valino; Vik); 9) LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS (The Chordettes; Cadence); 10) EV'RY DAY OF MY LIFE (The McGuire Sisters; Coral); 11) MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY (Teresa Brewer; Coral); 12) SINGING THE BLUES ( Guy Mitchell; Columbia); 13) JUST LOVE ME (Jaye P. Morgan; Victor); 14) BLUEJEAN BOP (Gene Vincent; Capitol); 15) CINDY, OH CINDY (Vince Martin & The Tarriers; Glory); 16) NIGHT LIGHTS (Nat King Cole; Capitol); 17) TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (same); 18) TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS (Don Rondo; Jubilee); 19) ANYWAY YOU WANT ME (Elvis Presley; Victor); 20) RUDY'S ROCK (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 21) THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Elmer Bernstein's title theme off the Paramount soundtrack); 22) JUST A GIGOLO/I AIN'T GOT NOBODY (Louis Prima & Keely Smith, off The Wildest!; Capitol); 23) THE AUTUMN WALTZ (Tony Bennett; Columbia); 24) THE LOOK (Dean Martin; Capitol); 25) GIVE ME A SIGN (same)

1) BLUEBERRY HILL (Fats Domino; Imperial); 2) HEY! JEALOUS LOVER (Frank Sinatra, with Nelson Riddle; Capitol); 3) RUBBER BISCUIT (The Chips; Josie); 4) JAMAICA FAREWELL (Harry Belafonte; Victor); 5) LOVE ME (Elvis Presley; Victor); 6) OH, MARIE (Louis Prima, off The Wildest!; Capitol); 7) JUMP, JIVE AND WAIL (Louis Prima & Keely Smith; same); 8) CONFIDENTIAL (Sonny Knight; Dot); 9) MARRIED I CAN ALWAYS GET (Teddi King; Victor); 10) MOONLIGHT LOVE (Perry Como; Victor); 11) NEW YORK'S MY HOME (Sammy Davis, Jr., Decca); 12) ROCK-A-BYE YOUR BABY WITH A DIXIE MELODY (Jerry Lewis; Decca); 13) SLOW WALK (Sil Austin); 14) A THOUSAND MILES AWAY (The Heartbeats; Hull/Rama); 15) SINCE I MET YOU BABY (Ivory Joe Hunter; Atlantic); 16) I FEEL GOOD (Shirley & Lee; Aladdin); 17) GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE (Jesse Belvin; Modern); 18) OH, WHAT A NIGHT (The Dells; Blue-Jay); 19) READY TEDDY (Elvis Presley; Victor); 20) RIP IT UP (same); 21) MOONLIGHT GAMBLER (Frankie Laine; Columbia); 22) DON'T FORBID ME (Pat Boone; Dot); 23) COPS AND ROBBERS (Bo Diddley; Checker); 24) JUST IN TIME (Tony Bennett; Columbia); 25) MY FUNNY VALENTINE (off Cookin' with he Miles Davis Quintet; Prestige)

1) CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS? (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, off Ella and Louis; Verve); 2) BUONA SERA (Louis Prima, off The Wildest!; Capitol); 3) WHEN MY BLUE MOON TURNS TO GOLD AGAIN (Elvis Presley; Victor); 4) POOR BOY (Elvis Presley, off the Love Me Tender soundtrack EP); 5) WE'RE GONNA MOVE (same); 6) LET ME (same); 7) HOLLYWOOD OR BUST (Dean Martin, off the Hollywood or Bust soundtrack EP; Capitol); 8) BY MYSELF (off Jerry Lewis Just Sings; Decca); 9) A ROSE AND A BABY RUTH (George Hamilton IV; ABC-Paramount); 10) I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (Screamin' Jay Hawkins; Okeh); 11) LITTLE DEMON (same); 12) GONNA GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU NOW (Patience and Prudence; Liberty); 13) MARY'S BOY CHILD (Harry Belafonte; Victor); 14) BLUES BY FIVE (off Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet; Prestige); 15) HAVANA MOON (Chuck Berry; Chess); 16) ON LONDON BRIDGE (Jo Stafford; Columbia); 17) STARS FELL ON ALABAMA (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, off Ella and Louis; Verve); 18) I'LL BE GLAD WHEN YOU'RE DEAD, YOU RASCAL YOU (Louis Prima, off The Wildest!; Capitol); 19) MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY (Jaye P. Morgan & Eddy Arnold; Victor); 20) THE MONEY TREE (Margaret Whiting; Capitol); 21) CHINCHERINCHEE (Perry Como; Victor); 22) DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK (Bill Haley & the Comets; Decca); 23-24) LONG TALL SALLY (Elvis Presley, off Elvis; Victor); 25) JIM DANDY (LaVern Baker; Atlantic); 26) ANGEL EYES (off Johnny Mathis; Columbia)

1) THE BANANA BOAT SONG (The Tarriers; Glory); 2) BASIN STREET BLUES + WHEN IT'S SLEEPY TIME DOWN SOUTH (Louis Prima, off The Wildest!; Capitol); 3) ISN'T THIS A LOVELY DAY? (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, off Ella and Louis; Verve); 4) LOVE IS STRANGE (Mickey & Sylvia; Vik); 5) BLUE MONDAY (Fats Domino; Imperial); 6) AIN'T GOT NO HOME (Clarence "Frogman" Henry; Argo); 7) ALL AROUND THE WORLD (Little Richard; Speciality); 8) THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT (same); 9) YOUNG LOVE (Tab Hunter; Dot); 10) YOUNG LOVE (Sonny James; Capitol); 11) CRAZY ARMS (Jerry Lee Lewis; Sun); 12) TUNE UP/WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE LOW (off Cookin' with the The Miles Davis Quintet; Prestige); 13) BABY DOLL (Andy Williams; Cadence); 14) WRITTEN ON THE WIND (The Four Aces; Decca); 15) STREET OF DREAMS (off Johnny Mathis; Columbia); 16) TOO MUCH (Elvis Presley; Victor); 17) PARALYZED (same); 18) WHAT'S THE REASON I'M NOT PLEASIN' YOU? (Fats Domino; Imperial); 19) ONE IN A MILLION (The Platters; Mercury); 20) ON MY WORD OF HONOR (same); 21) FLYING SAUCER ROCK AND ROLL (Billy Lee Riley & His Little Green Men; Sun); 22) THE PARTY'S OVER (Doris Day; Columbia)

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