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  • Everything the NYU film student needed in 1971: A full projector, a pipe, a six-pack and an 8x10 glossy of Samantha Eggar.

    Part 1

  • From The $64,000 Question, January, 1958: Definitely looking like someone who'd be going to school in Greenwich Village in a dozen years.

  • With Flippo in Columbus, 1973, just as I was moving to Washington."

  • Two Giants of Our Industry: With Cary Grant, which is cool enough--but a couple hours later, I was standing between him and Jimmy Stewart, wisely not even daring to open my mouth. Grant and I had both just seen Warren Beatty's Reds, though his screening was at the Reagan White House.

    Part 2

  • 8:15 Cowboy: The Dude in Colorado, 1969, where the wranglers called me 'Kid Candy.' The day I got back I drove immediately to the TV station--in this outfit--and walked onto a live broadcast of Flippo's show.

  • The Film Scholar at Work: Late Friday afternoon on the AFI Catalog (1973). My pal in the next cubicle (Richard Henshaw) wasn't wild about my Dino poster encroaching into his territory.

    Part 3

  • Where I Went to School: Right next door to the Normandy Room, where we had our film screenings, was the Fillmore. This is summer, 1971, and that's my Colorado buddy Jim Moses by the marquee.

  • Klaatu, Who? At Great Falls, Va., on Labor Day, 1977, putting in a plug for The Day the Earth Stood Still. By opening week of baseball the following year, I was enjoying a Detroit ice storm.

    Part 4

  • My Idealized Vision of Myself: Talking trash and floating in the pool, at the greatest AFI party ever (summer, 1978).

    Part 5

  • Colorado, August, 1971: High up in the Rockies (note the barren vegetation), very happy to be out of New York once and for all.

  • Colorado, August 1973: Having a "spiritual" moment with Carl Th. Dreyer. Day of Wrath and Ordet are two of my favorite movies of all time.

    Part 6

  • In your dreams, buddy: Taking advantage of a photo shop in Las Vegas (November, 2002) to turn myself into a New York Yankee.

  • Older son Nick turns 18 (2004). But I didn't give him any beer.

    One of Mike Clark's room of stuff

    Having large media holdings is crucial to my job--though their "cool factor" diminished by a factor of about eight trillion when I had to move them in 2004. This doesn't even include the biggest of three rooms I had to schlep.

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