swoods various mixes/tracks

richArdmeltZer2000 (excerpt) (this was hard to excerpt)

Everything's Disappeared (Tribal Truce Mix)
1991, remix done w/David Newfeld, included on Producers for Bob CD

swoods vs. the music industrial complex (excerpt)

Another Green Whirled
Part of current (in progress) Eno project

Fever Supreme
Fairly recent ambient excursion

Top 10 (excerpt)

Toy Factory
Oldest track here (mid 90s), potential kids TV show theme?

Historioanthrax (Lipstick Traces mix #1)
Radio Dada (Lipstick Traces mix #2) (Posted both of these with a Lipstick Traces piece on the Greil site; both are very short, almost like collage/commercials)

Bob Dylan's Comedy Hour
One of my earliest mp3/collage mixes (2005?), incomplete/unfocused/badly in need of revision/remixing (sound quality negligible).