Running Away With the Circus
Reprints and Ephemera from Around the Web

just say 'huh'? Circus, 1979

  • Very brief history of Circus.

  • The Esau Swindle: A Thriller by Gerald Rothberg. (Circus's Publisher when he's not doing his day job.)

  • Various articles on Yes and members of Yes, reprinted from Circus:
    1974 - 1976
    1977 - 1979

  • Some tiny Circus reviews (of Procol Harum)

  • Atom Heart Brother Floyd Guitarist David Gilmour's First Solo LP Finds Him in the Pink By Shel Kagan.

  • "maybe I'll be 48 and die in the gutter in paris" - Patti Smith interviewed by Fred Schruers, December 1976.

  • Patti Smith Riding Crest of New Wave: Easter, her third LP, is Commercial and Artistic Success. By Fred Schruers, 1978.

  • The Confessions of Stephen 'Manassas' Stills. By Michael Watts, 1972.

  • All Alone and On the Beach: Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue Is First Beach Boy Solo LP. By Scott Cohen, September 1977.

    Circus, 1976

  • Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, reviewed by Fred Schruers, April 1977.

  • Danny Goldberg on Grand Funk Railroad, January 1970.

  • Tony Glover on Jimi Hendrix's death, 1970.

  • July 1972 Circus review of Ziggy Stardust.

  • The Return Of The Thin White Duke. By Richard Cromelin, March 1976.

  • Bowie meets the press: Plastic Man or Godhead of the Seventies? By Ben Edmonds, April 1976.

  • Steve Rosen on Jethro Tull, December 1975.

  • Ian Anderson fights back with War Child, by Steve Gaines, November 1974.

  • Circus interview with Jim Morrison, by Salli Stevenson. October 1970.

  • The Journey Empire Strikes Back! By Carl Arrington, July 1980.

  • Slash's Snakebite: Releasing Some Venom. Interview by Sharon Kaufman.

  • Patto Smothers Its Past. By Janis Schacht, June 1972.

    Circus, 1978

  • Queen's Freddie Mercury, Shopping For An Image In London. By Scott Cohen, April 1975.

  • Review of Linda Ronstadt's Living in the USA by Bruce Malamut.

  • Radiohead Plays For Creeps, by Mordechai Kleidermacher.

  • Listings of various issues of Circus.

  • Circus ad for Trooper's Two For the Show LP.

  • Logan's Run Takes the Sci-Fi Challenge

  • Here And There: Elton's Captive Audience. From the July 6 1976 issue. By Jim Brodey.

  • Ronstadt Reigns. October 1978.

  • Debbie Harry: Female Vocalist of the Year. By David Fricke, 1980.

    Circus, 1985

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